The Dreaded B Word…Balance

No matter how hard we try we cannot escape it. The use of it has become increasingly more prevalent. The very mention of the word can bring forth a look of disgust on almost anyone’s face. It is the all-too-common, the ever-dreaded “B” word.


There, I said it.

After all, life is about balance. There is account balance, ledger balance, and of course, work-life balance. Even our diets are expected to be…balanced.

Sometimes it can feel like a juggling act to manage everything that is thrown at us in a day. When the workweek starts to leave you looking and feeling like an extra on the Walking Dead it is time to take a step back! Take a minute to refresh yourself and get the blood pumping in your body.

Here are some great exercises from Desirable Body that you can do without ever leaving your desk.

Just in case those ledgers of yours could still use some balance, give me a call 817-501-9758